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5 Creepy Things You Can Buy Online


The internet is an amazing place. You can watch movies, talk with people on the other side of the world, look at millions of pictures of cats wearing t-shirts and you can buy pretty much anything, like earrings made out of dog poop (check out my etsy).

Most of the internet is a waste of time, but I have found a few things I think are worth taking a look at. Even if you aren’t going to buy these “products”, it’s pretty amazing to know you can.

Here are 5 of the weirdest things you can buy online:

5. 850 foot cruise ship

There are only a few ways to become a real life villain and I think a floating palace with a horrible buffet is the best option. You can entertain your guests in the ballroom or take all their money in your own casino. Or if you don’t actually like any of them you can escape from them in one of the 800 open rooms

4. Wolf urine

After looking at this, I don’t see how I can live without wolf urine. Ordered! One thing I don’t understand is how they get the wolf urine.

3. Maternity Postal uniforms

I think it’s great they make maternity clothing for postal workers, I don’t see why anyone can buy them though. I guess it could make a fun halloween costume….. Wait, no it can’t. Nevermind, I don’t know why they sell these to the public.

2. Owl Vomit

I can see why you might need wolf urine (to attract and seduce other weird people) but there is just no resean for owl vomit…. Unless you listen to this guy’ review: “I did owl pellets as a kid and have the BEST memories from it. So I was super excited to share the experience with my kids. And these were awesome! My kids loved every minute of it. They didn’t stink at all and seemed completely sanitary. My 2 year old even got to have his hand at it. Highly recommend them!”

Who the hell are these people?

1.Baby head masks

The only thing that would make this worse is if you wore it with the maternity postal uniform. There’s nothing scarier than a pregnant baby delivering your mail.

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