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5 People Who Can Buy Anything….. And Did


We all like to think one day we’ll be rich. But how rich do you need to be to buy an island? Or a yacht? And even if you had the money, would you really use a yacht all that much? Sure it would be fun to have but isn’t a waste of money? How much would the upkeep be? How many more questions do you think I can fit into this intro?

It’s fun to fantasize about winning the lottery. We usually start spending the money in our head as soon as we buy the Quick Pick ticket. We know the chances of winning are slim but the possibilities once we have the money are endless. Just think what you could do with a couple hundred million. Well, you won’t be able to buy anything on this list with that much.

There are a lot of insane celebrity purchases out there, here are some of the biggest, crazies billionaire buys: 

"Stop taking pictures of me."

“Stop taking pictures of me.”   Photo by Wikicommons

5. Larry Ellison – Founder of Oracle, a company that does stuff. Worth about $50 billion dollars, he can pretty much buy whatever he wants. So why not buy a Hawaiian island? Something he did in 2012 for around $300 million. While most of us daydream about vacations in Hawaii, this guy can walk around his 140 square miles of island naked. No, I’m not saying I daydream about his walking around naked on his island but I’m sure it’s something he does. I sure know I would.


"No, I said I wanted his journal, not a copy of the Da Vinci Code!!"

“No, I said I wanted his journal, not a copy of the Da Vinci Code!!”    Photo by Wikicommons

4. Bill Gates – Come on, you know him, he’s the guy who……. Anyway, whatever he did, he’s the richest man in the world, which seems like it would be a lot of pressure. You know the second richest would do anything to take you off the list. Although there are lots of islands on this planet, there is only one Leonardo Da Vinci Journal (I assume he didn’t write much). Back in 1994, Gates paid $30 million to get this journal. It is the cheapest purchase on this list but hey, it’s Da Vinci’s journal written by his own hand. And we all know Da Vinci is the guy who…..


"Yeah, I guess it's big...."

“Yeah, I guess it’s big….”     Photo by Wikicommons

3. Roman Abramovich – Some Russian guy who apparently likes the Simpsons (his private investment company is Millhouse, LLC, haha). The poorly named company didn’t stop him from buying the largest yacht in the world. The Eclipse (I still haven’t found a better name than my 9.8 foot inflatable dingy, ‘Jesus’s Favorite Nut’) is a 533 foot floating bad investment. I don’t see why good investors make horrible decisions. According to this business insider article, maintaining a yacht costs roughly 10% of its purchase price per year. Since Roman (we are on first name basis) spent roughly $500 million on this thing, he can expect to spend another $50 million a year for crew and upkeep.


"It's really nice, but I noticed there was only 27 bedrooms. I was really looking for 30."

“It’s really nice, but I noticed there was only 27 bedrooms. I was really looking for 30.”   Photo by Wikicommons

2. Mukesh Ambani – Wealthiest man in India. That’s saying a lot too because there are like 1.2 billion people in India. Anyway, he took his hard earned money and built a billion dollar house. I know people say they feel like a billion dollar but look half dead, but this house actually cost a billion dollar, it’s not just a saying. It’s a 400,000 square foot, 27 story skyscraper with a 168 car garage. Suck on that Larry Ellison.


Couldn't find a legal picture of Jefri so you'll have to just go look him up. But this is Hotel Bel-Air!!

Couldn’t find a legal picture of Jefri so you’ll have to just go look him up. But this is Hotel Bel-Air!!    Photo by Wikicommons

1. Jefri (haha, what a stupid name) BolkiahSultan of Brunei’s brother, a real life cartoon character. This one is interesting because he’s the only one on the list that didn’t actually make the money he spent (unless you count embezzling $14.8 billion from your country making money). He was in charge of the Brunei Investment Company which is in charge of investing most of the country’s wealth. I don’t see how $14.8 billion can go unnoticed, but what do I know, I’m only not an idiot. It’s hard to pin down the most outrageous purchase by Jefri (haha); It may be Hotel Bel-Air, The New York Palace Hotel, a massive art collection, a 2,300 car collection, 8 private planes and helicopters, jewel-encrusted watches with pictures of people having sex, a yacht named Tits (okay, this may be better than my dinghy name), a $17 million private Michael Jackson concert at a stadium built for the event, or the harem.

A harem is “the separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants.”

That’s right, Jefri (haha) had a harem where he kept 40 women. I don’t think I need to tell you why, you can figure that would, or look it up, or read this women’s experience as one of the 40 women

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