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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Fight Club


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David Fincher has planted himself as one of the best directors in Hollywood. His attention to detail and obsessive need to get everything just right comes through in his films to give the audience a real experience.

Between George Michael Fan Videos, Fincher has made time to direct some of the best movies in the last twenty years, such as Gone Girl, Seven, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael, The Game, The Best of Sting, Zodiac, Paula Abdul: Cold Hearted, The Social Network, Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look At, and Fight Club.

Fight Club is a movie that you would watch a hundred times and still miss details. Here are 10 details you missed while watching Fight Club:

  • Although Edward Norton had more screen time, he was only paid $2.5 million for his role while Brad Pitt got $17.5 million. If I were Norton I would try to get a better agent, such as Brad Pitt’s.
E - "What if I hold the phone like this?" D - "I don't know why you have a phone at all. This is a KFC commercial."

E – “What if I hold the phone like this?”
D – “I don’t know why you have a phone at all. This is a KFC commercial.”

  • In the short drunk scene when Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are hitting golf balls into the side of a catering truck, they really are drunk. Meaning Brad Pitt is not even acting for his $17.5 million.
  • The camera briefly shakes when a Fight Club member sprays the priest with a hose. This is because the cameraman couldn’t stop laughing during the scene.  That cameraman is definitely going to hell.
  • When Edward Norton’s character hit Brad Pitt in the ear, he actually hit him. He was going to fake it but David Fincher told him to go for it. The smile and laugh from Norton after the hit are real. Just another scene where Pitt didn’t have to act for his $17.5 million.
Pitt - "And then I was like, drink Dom out of a normal champagne glass, do I look poor?"

Pitt – “And then I was like, drink Dom out of a normal champagne glass? Do I look poor?”

  • In the cave scene, the visible breath is actually recycled film from Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. I know there’s a joke here, I just can’t find it.
  • Helena Bonham Carter asked her makeup artist to use her left hand when applying makeup because she thought her character was someone who doesn’t really care about what she looks like. Seemed to work out fine for her since she was able to bag a guy with dissociative identity disorder.
  • To make Meat Loafs fat suit look more authentic, it was filled with birdseed so it would hang over the side of his pants correctly. It weighed over one hundred pounds, the fat suit not Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf weighs over two hundred pounds, add the fat suit and you got yourself a shit load of meat loaf.
  • The director, David Fincher, claims that there is a Starbucks coffee cup visible in every single shot in the movie. That much Starbucks and I would go crazy just like Norton’s character.
"Before you even ask, Yes, I would like to direct another George Michael video."

“Before you even ask, Yes, I would like to direct another George Michael video.”

  • There were reportedly several real fight clubs to start after the release of the movie. One notable one in Menlo Park, CA founded members of the tech industry. Could you imagine the actors in Silicon Valley in a fight club?
  • During the sex scene, Pitt and Carter posed in 10 different positions from the Kama Sutra. Oh, I see how that could be worth $17.5 million.
  • Bonus Fact: Brad Pitts character appears in the movie at least 4 times because Norton’s character sees him.
"Cool man, there's so many buttons."

“Cool man, there’s so many buttons.”

  • Another Bonus Fact: The Gratifico Coffee sign that falls into a shop during the destruction scene was supposed to be a Starbucks sign but they didn’t want their name destroyed during the movie. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a Starbucks sign getting destroyed, specifically, one of the four on the same block down the street from me.

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