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10 Fun Facts About Titanic (The Movie):


All Photo’s Provided by Wikicommons!!

We’ve all seen Titanic, you know the movie, it’s Romeo and Juliet but on a big boat. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly how James Cameron sold the movie to the studios. My theory is that he heard Speed 2: Cruise Control was in the works and needed to beat them to it.

You may consider yourself an expert when it comes to the film, but I bet you didn’t know these 10 fun facts about the movie Titanic:

  • After finding out about her nude scene, Kate Winslet flashed Leo in an attempt to break the ice when they first met. Did it work? Has that ever not worked?
"The academy said if I wanted an Oscar, I would have to get fully naked."

“The academy said if I wanted an Oscar, I would have to get fully nude.”

  • Replacement reels had to be sent to theaters because the originals were worn out from being played so much. Or from theater workers trying to ruin them because they couldn’t handle another viewing.
  • Apparently, the studio wanted Matthew McConaughey to play the part of Jack but James Cameron made the wise decision to go with Leo. Remember, this was back in the 90’s when you weren’t quite sure what McConaughey looked like with a shirt on.
"Alright alright alright, you just pop that top off and I'll draw ya naked."

“Alright alright alright, you just pop that top off and I’ll draw ya naked with these here Crayola’s.”

  • They only had one shot to film the scene where water comes crashing into the Grand Staircase room. It was their main set which was going to be destroyed by the water, because, you know, water destroys things.
  • When made, the movie was the most expensive ever at $200 million. For that price, they could have build a real Titanic. When built, the Titanic cost about $7.5 million back in 1912 which is equal to about $150 million in 1997 dollars. Building a real Titanic and sinking it would have been a lot more interesting.
  • Cameron went on the dives to see the real Titanic. He spent so much time down there, he developed into an asshole…. Alright, sorry, just seeing if you’re still reading this. He actually “ended up spending more time with the ship than its living passengers did.”
This is actually his fourth star. He wanted one every quarter mile.

This is actually his fourth star. He wanted one every quarter mile.

  • Leo and Kate committed to the film before there was a script. They liked Cameron so much they said yes before they even know it was a film about the Titanic…. That may not be true but they did agree to the movie based on Cameron’s 165 page outline, which is 40 pages too long for an actual script.
"Give me my fucking Oscar."

“Give me my fucking Oscar.”

  • The stunt men in the engine room were actually only 5 feet tall to make the room look bigger. I think Cameron just likes laughing at short people.
  • Although the grand staircase looks great in the film, it’s not technically accurate. They built it slightly bigger than the original because people back then tended to be smaller. This way the dimensions looked correct based off the size of the actors. Damn Cameron really is the king of the world (bonus fact: Leo ad libbed that line).
This is the real staircase, notice how small it is.

This is the real staircase, notice how small and pathetic it is.

  • After the film, Kate Winslet was quoted saying, “You’d have to pay me an awful lot of money to work with James Cameron again.” And that’s why he’s the “king of the world.”
  • Bonus fact: Billy Zane was cast after James Cameron saw him in the film The Phantom. Which accounts for 40% of people who saw The Phantom.
He's name should just be 'Billy Zane' in all his movies.

He’s name should just be ‘Billy Zane’ in all his movies.

  • Bonus fact #2: There was a second Titanic that bumped into all kinds of shit and never sank. Check it out here. 
No, you're not drunk. There are two Titanics.

No, you’re not drunk. There are two Titanics.